Direct Support


We bring rigor, agility, and experience to what keeps you up at night.

The question for many companies is how to support legacy infrastructure while transitioning to business-as-software. Whether it's immediate needs or innovative new initiatives, our full-stack development team offers added brainpower, true collaboration, and serious creativity.

A concierge-level relationship, Direct Support includes considerable time and comprehensive resources and tools. While existing Proof code and services are often a starting point, Direct Support is sized and organized to meet your needs.

We help clients:

Transition to a flow-based system and implement workplace innovation practices


Create a sustainable plan for system maintenance


Establish processes to create new systems within a broader strategic framework


3 - 6 months

Our process






Maintain frequent and dedicated communication channels with the organization as a virtually-embedded development team

Triage support for mission-critical and legacy systems

Manage documentation, service desk systems, and requests for changes to existing systems

Review, prioritize, and implement cost controls for new projects

Design, plan, develop, and deploy new features and systems in a wide variety of technologies