ProofCloud Specification of Services


Online Application and Forms Portal

  • Hosted in T1 environment at

  • Service includes one or more forms subject to setup per form

  • Forms may be configured to require site registration or to be submitted anonymously

  • Forms requiring account registration may be saved and returned to prior to submission

  • Forms may be configured to require payment before submission or to be free to submit

  • School may bring their own merchant account for required payment at point of submission

  • Proof does not handle the actual monetary transaction

Re-Enrollment Forms (RENR)


  • Hosted in T1 environment at 

  • Individual parent/guardian accounts created from Proof RENR FileMaker module

  • Post individual enrollment contracts per student per year

  • Require signature from individual parent/guardian accounts prior to enrollment contract submission

  • First signed and submitted agreement locks the form for edits

  • Additional forms may be set up for per student student submission with data posted from Proof ADMISSIONS via Proof RENR

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