Meet the team. We're here to help.

We are developers, programmers, analysts, and

writers who have worked together for over a decade.

We’re also thinkers, builders, artists, athletes, volunteers, photographers, gardeners, chefs, parents, farmers, utopia-seekers, and hard workers.

Ernest Koe


As CEO, Ernest is supremely focused on the customer's goals and success. "I'd like to think that I have a decent range," he says, "moving between the abstract and the concrete to communicate ideas." He then puts those ideas into action. As for solving problems, Ernest can see patterns, analyze what's going on and uncover opportunities to create systems and processes that are "enduring and special." He likes to focus on projects that impact the greater social good.


Ernest was accepted to law school, but decided to start a tech company instead. He's devoted to Proof, which he co-founded. He enjoys the challenges of creating teams, companies, and systems, and is happy to talk about it all day long, though his clients credit him with first and foremost being an excellent listener. Ernest has a wife, two kids, and two little white dogs, but draws the line at the picket fence. In his free time, he is either in the kitchen creating a meal, immersed in a book, or out on the streets documenting with his camera.

Stephen Ritchie

Chairman and Co-Founder

With a degree in psychology, Steve began his career as an independent school History and English teacher. After some time in the classroom, it became clear that he preferred administrative systems to grading papers. So he joined the school's IT group, and then the company that supplied their software. In 2007, Steve co-founded Proof with Ernest Koe. In addition to minding the operational side of the house, Steve is "a pretty good hole-filler," plugging in where he is needed in the consulting, support, training, and keeping-the-ball-moving categories.

He's committed to the humanity aspect, too, focusing on the "genius team" they've built and on the connections they make with clients, which he believes are two of Proof's greatest assets. Steve is an environmentalist, a lover of alternative energy (and keeping the lights on at Proof), a semi-obsessed runner, and is into Americana music, "whatever that really is." He also plays the ukulele and sings in a band. He loves craft beer and believes that Maine and New Hampshire have the best breweries anywhere.

Krissy Ferris

Chief of Staff

Krissy is happiest when she's working hard with friends to build lasting relationships, have fun, and create systems that make the world a better place. As Chief of Staff at Proof, she helps teams do more in less time by distilling complexity into actionable plans. Be careful if you tell her that something is impossible – it will only motivate her to find a way to make it happen! As a sociologist who's also a software developer, Krissy is comfortable with both the technical and human aspects of design.

A graduate of Oberlin College, Krissy was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship and moved to the Netherlands to complete her Master's degree in Sociology. She began her professional career at a nonprofit, coordinating the network of Dutch international sexual health organizations and their Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Back in the U.S., Krissy shifted from public health to develop a new concept for private healthcare. Working with Dr. Tom Morledge, she helped build Revati Wellness, Cleveland's premier concierge medical practice, from the ground up. From there, she founded her own software consulting practice, Bright Button, which she operated for two years before joining the team at Proof.


When she's not solving problems at the keyboard, Krissy enjoys fixing up old houses, spending time in nature, and reading fiction with warm cups of tea.

John Bylancik

Director of Engagements

Professionally speaking, John began by selling office supplies door-to-door. Midway through business school, a shiny, new tech innovation (Reuters' GLOBEX) caught his attention, drawing him into what has become a lifelong career in technology management. Always seeking to close the gap between the needs of users and the innovation-push of technologies, John's work has spanned the fields of financial market data, high-end telecom, tech startup marketing, and a fifteen-year role as an internal FileMaker developer for an independent K-12 school. It was there that John met the Proof team, quickly developing a respect for the individuals and talent within the company. It was an easy choice for John to join Proof in 2019, lending a hand and his knack for "Translating Tech to Human and Vice Versa." As Director of Engagements, John's sales background comes in handy daily.

When there are no shiny tech toys to distract him, John loves simply spending time with his family, tinkering in his garage workshop, hiking, fishing, and attempting to self-learn a variety of eclectic and aboriginal instruments.

Corn Walker

Vice President, Research & Development

Curiosity drives Corn Walker. He became interested in Buddhism, practices Zen meditation and credits nonviolent communication with changing the way he sees the world and his approach to interacting with people. Let's just say he can get along with anyone, in any situation.

As Vice President of Research & Design, he applies these philosophies to technology systems and client relations. His teaching background enables him to explain exactly what he's doing to solve problems, which is his first love. High on the list after that are kayaking, cycling, technical climbing, and hiking.

Mike Lee

Vice President, Services

It all started in middle school for Mike. As a teacher there, he was tasked with building a system for grades and comments with FileMaker, which led to communing with other educators doing similar things. Before he knew it, he became an expert in providing customer support and speaking at FileMaker DevCon. His strengths? "Managing expectations, figuring out issues, debugging and rapid prototyping and coding," he says. Mike thinks of himself as a service provider, which means timely responses and complete answers (in complete sentences), anticipating the needs of the client. He also gets everyone to work on the same side – customers and support team – so that things get done right the first time. He gravitates toward issues that relate to education, schools, and local/regional governance.


In addition to making things sing at work, he also likes to play the ukulele and actually sing outside the office.

Colleen Hammersley

Partner, Proof Consulting

As a team leader, Colleen says she's happy to do anything for anyone except get them juice. She's into process and communication skills, and it seems to work as she's maintained working relationships with the bulk of her clients for anywhere from four to eighteen years. Colleen is lauded in the industry as one of the co-creators of The Separation Model. In her work, she likes to make people's professional lives better. "It's not exciting, but it's fulfilling," she says. She also likes to go boating, walking, and to create things. Did we mention she loves FileMaker?

Andy Chase

Senior Software Developer

Andy is the ultimate left brain/right brain combo. He fell in love with programming as a kid, then art and design in high school. But when the world wide web hit in 1995, he taught himself HTML, started designing websites, then large-scale templating tools, and finally came full-circle back to programming. As a Senior Software Developer, Andy is both a designer and a programmer, so he can do the work of two (or twenty), often finding robust ways to integrate FileMaker systems with web solutions.


Andy keeps his interest in art alive with printmaking and visual arts. He's also really into the history and playing of the 5-string banjo; he is a member of the American Banjo Fraternity and sometimes plays with The Hardtacks, whose website is, which kind of says it all.

Jason Frey

Systems Engineer

A problem-solver by nature, Jason is kind of obsessed with the FileMaker system. He's a junior partner at Proof, a Systems Engineer, and he works with clients. In fact, he cares a ton about them. "When my clients are upset, I'm upset. When they're satisfied, I'm satisfied." His brand of empathy goes a long way, because he can deal with the requirements of the task at hand while simultaneously keeping clients' needs top of mind. He believes in and delivers on honest assessments and estimates. Jason can pretty much handle things flying at him from all directions.

The other team Jason loves being with is his family. He has become kind of an expert in Doctor Who, Star Wars, and Marvel Comics. He's also a Lego addict, and finds his "happy place" surrounded by a million Lego pieces, whether they go together or not. Just to be clear, he does this with his wife, Keri, and his daughters, Sammie, 10, and Vicki, 8  not alone.

Heather Williams

Support & Implementation Associate

A former teacher and administrative assistant with a background in tech support, as well as a Master's degree in Education, Heather is a woman-of-all-trades, A.K.A. a Support and Implementation Associate. She won't rest until she gets to the root of a problem and resolves it – sans drama. She believes open and consistent communication and caring about the end result are keys to working with clients, and she's a master of both. Heather is passionate about her family; she also enjoys knitting, reading, horseback riding, and delicious food.

Andrew Koller

Technology Consulting Apprentice

A degree in Philosophy and fascination with logic is what led Andrew to arrive at programming as the best combination of the two. As an intern at Proof, he cut his teeth on the QA process, sussing out the little things that could cause problems down the road. Now, as a Technology Consulting Apprentice, Andrew's attention to detail lets him keep the devils out. In exchange, clients say he is "attentive and polite." He's still into philosophy with Boolean vs. Fuzzy Logic and quantum computing keeping him captivated. He's also a rock climber, traveler, swimmer, cyclist, guitar player and writer, using his body and brains to their max.

Jordan Rios

Operations Associate

As a member of the Proof Operations team, Jordan is an organizer of all the nuts and bolts, technically speaking. She started by managing a single project, but was quickly recognized as the dextrous juggler she is. She now oversees multiple engagements at the operations level and enjoys bringing order, structure, and perspective to solving problems. During her free time, when she's not running, strength training, or fencing, Jordan loves to read, tend to her houseplants, and play the drums. Like any proficient operations expert, she's a true minimalist.